Monday, October 15, 2012

Trip to the SLC Zoo

Landen and Aiden checking out the map.
 Yup, still catching up on the blogging from July! One of our adventures while in Utah, we went to the Zoo with the cousins. Landen had a blast, because our zoo in San Antonio doesn't have giraffes! I know, super lame. Needless to say, it was his favorite stop.
Yup, that's the best we could do to get them to say put for a pose

Found a tunnel to crawl through

This is where she spent most of her trip

Yay for giraffes!!!

Catching some zzzzz's

2nd favorite stop: the carousel. And of course we have to ride the giraffe, even if it doesn't go up and down.

Found one that went up and down for the second ride (yup, I'm there too!)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ode to Sugar

While we were staying at my parent's house their dog, Sugar that they've had since FOREVER (I think she was 16 years old) started really going down hill. The poor baby was wandering around in circles, panting heavily, and would even just collapse because she was too weak to even walk. She's been pretty blind and deaf for years. So, my parents did the merciful thing and put her out of her misery. She was such a good dog! She was the second dog I remember having. She was Katie's first, so she had a pretty hard time when she was acting really sick. It was a good opportunity to teach Landen about some of Heavenly Father's plan for all of his creatures, and to tell him that he would see Sugar again someday. That death is only a temporary state. It's such a beautiful plan that our loving Heavenly Father has created for us, and I look forward to seeing sweet Sugar again in a more perfected body!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Traveling to Utah

Abrie enjoying being able to get down and walk around before getting on the plane in San Antonio.
 What do you do while waiting to get on a "polka dot airplane" (as Landen calls them)? What else is there to to at 6 am than this? Run around and entertain everyone else. We flew out to Utah for 2 weeks in July, and these were taken on the way out. It was heaven have 2 weeks of no work and just playtime with family! But more on that later...
Tired girl! 6 am flight are ridiculous!

I think this was in Houston during our layover. "Hi mom"


Still running
Loving running

This one cracks me up! He's really getting his arms into it!

In the zone!

Oh yeah, I was there too...making stupid faces apparently!

Monday, September 3, 2012

The 4th (part 2)

Landen enjoying the view from the balcony
 Yes, I'm totally aware of the fact that it's been almost 2 months since my blog (as if I'm in "confessional"), but it's been a crazy, busy, fun last couple of months. But, before I move on to that, let's finish up with the 4th...

So, after we had our ward party, we headed down to the Riverwalk to spend the night and watch the fireworks. Brian got us a room with a balcony facing towards the was perfect! First off we played in the rooftop swimming pool!

We also went to eat dinner at Rainforest Cafe on the Riverwalk. It's been FOREVER since I've eaten there, and still just as good as I remembered. Abrie had a blast, but Landen wasn't too keen on the whole thunder and raining effects every 10-20 minutes...he eventually warmed up a bit (meaning he was able to eat his food without having to cover his ears as shown below.

It was perfect being able to watch the fireworks, then just roll into bed and fall asleep instead of fighting all the traffic trying to get home. We might have to make it a tradition!(?)

Awesome full moon that night!

Landen not enjoying the "thunder" at Rainforest Cafe

Yes, we kept the plastic wrapper on the crayons (we're not THAT horrible of parents)

Kinda goofy one of Brian, but the best one I could get. Landen wanted a picture with the gorilla

The ducks are seriously fearless on the Riverwalk!

The view from our balcony. They were putting on a free concert and activities in the park right across from us

Monday, July 9, 2012

The 4th-Part 1

 So, the morning of the 4th, we had a pancake breakfast at the church. I spent about an hour decorating the kid's tricycles so they could participate in the parade, and this is how they turned out! I basically found everything red, white and blue that I could at Dollar General and went to town. Landen loved waking up in the morning and finding his.

 They also had some activities for the kids to do while we were waiting to eat, including an obstacle course. This part cracked me up, Landen was supposed to hop back in the potato sack, so Brian rolled it down a few times, and....
 carried him to the finish line. As you can tell, he LOVED it!

 They also had a "parade" around the parking lot for all the kids (enter the decorated tricycles). Landen let a younger kid ride his tricycle (mostly because he hates pedaling), and decided to push someone else's...all my hard work....*sigh*

I'm pretty sure Landen kept lapping around the parking lot about 10 times, my little energizer bunny!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Boat Ride

We went for a boat ride on Abrie's birthday down at the Riverwalk and went out to dinner because my brother Gordon was in town. His birthday was earlier that week, so it was a nice birthday celebration...and no I didn't get a picture of the birthday kids together. I know, lame!

On the boat. So that's a "flat" Kaden (my nephew) that we were supposed to take around and see the sites...I just love Landen's face.

A picture of mom and Abrie on the boat...ignore my double chin please!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Abrie turns 1

Finally, a month and a half later, here,s some pics from Abrie,s birthday. We kept it pretty low key and just celebrated with the family . Enjoy the pictures:
the cupcake cake

the cupcakes for everyone else

getting ready to open presents

daddy reading her new book

enjoying her new car

the decorations

more cake/cupcakes

checking out her birthday mat

classic screeching Abrie

yes, our princess got her crown
So we didn't actually eat her cake until the next day because my brother came in town and we went down to the Riverwalk to hang out with him. Brian worked the next day, so we didn't get around to eating cake until abou 8pm, hence the screeching!